Champagne-and-caviar socialist: oui, c’est moi!

Gauche caviar: is a pejorative French term to describe someone who claims to be a socialist while living in a way that contradicts socialist values. Ok, that’s the definition but what if I’m left oriented person – politically speaking – and I like great stuff? Would this definition be appropriate?  I found myself wondering many times.  Yes, I like cashmere, so?  What is bad about it?  And no, I don’t like affordable cashmere (this expression is a litotes itself, like the real cashmere can be affordable, ah!) because I may be a Salonkommunist but every time I buy something I actually care about what behind (and beneath) it.  So when, let’s say, I buy a pair of Tod’s I immediately think to many friends of mine who work there and I think about how good the big brand treat them with something really close to “real socialism”.


So, voilà a very Gauche Caviar French Singer: Serge Gaisbourg – Chez Le Ye Ye

Any thoughts?

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