Female Friends

C’mon, we all have been there. You really like her, you just want all the best for her, but for a specific reason, and just for that –that suddenly became a National Case– you just had enough. And there’s absolutely no way that she’ll let it go. The funny part is that it’s not even your fault. It’s a poisoned combination of the way she perceive things, the way she perceive her ex, and the way you should have behaved with her ex. After their break-up.

Well, we all know that “EXs.” in general are a radioactive subjects. In this case the “ex” is a Nuclear Bomb. I always knew it so I kept the distance with him, also because we have never been close, but what I was supposed to do when I received the invitation for the “ex’s” wedding?  Why did I received?  Who the Hell knows! Perhaps because I’m Italian, I have good taste and they wanted a good taste wedding gift for God sake!  I do not know!

But, despite the evidence, there is no way that this particular friend would let it go. I am guilty. What for is yet to be defined, but it’s secondary to the point of her being hurt.

So, now what? A future full of harking, recriminating, trying to make me feeling guilty.  A little while ago I said :«Please, give me some time». And now, months have passed and I know there is this gian white elephant in the room every time we talk, or, better, the 2.0 definition of talking: bitching on Facebook. I know it’s there. I can feel it also via FB. And no matter what, not even an Ocean between us, can make things right.

I really don’t know what to do with this friend. Nothing I’d say would heal her wounds, nothing I’d do would make her feel loved (by me) so dear friend, you know who you are, this is me, asking YOU publicly, to be forgiven and never ever be told again what I was supposed to do.

Adele, Someone like you




Any thoughts?

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