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It’s about that time of the year, that marvelous moment when you just want take your coat off and spend some time enjoying the sunlight, as it’s been all the Winter that you were sitting on a dirty stoop surrounded by pigeons just to be out in the fresh air.

And now that the season it’s just right why not to take a trip upstate and visit some of the most beautiful gardens in the world?

No, you don’t need to buy a gazillions guide or print maps & itineraries, now there is a more eco-friendly and smart tool: the perfect app! Gardens of Italy (available on iTunes) helps you find the nearest or most distant gardens open to the public.

The app gives you the complete map of Italian gardens (parks, botalical gardens and so on) that really worth a visit. You can find them by location, by theme (English garden, French garden, Italian garden, garden with labyrinth), by architecture, history, landscape, season. Each of them has a colorful sketched map, trivia history and helpful information not to mention breath taking pictures.

The App is updated every other two months, and has been integrated with a QR scanner, just in case you find one inside of a garden.


Topiary, the ancient art of bending greenery to one’s will. (And it’s a definite step up from the garden gnome.)

About the App, available for iPhone and iPad

  • Updated: Feb 13, 2014
  • Version: 1.01
  • Size: 212 MB
  • Languages: English, Italian
  • Seller: Andreas Garzotto GmbH
  • © Libreria della Natura & Andreas Garzotto GmbH
  • $12.99


The App is open to new entries: owners of relevant gardens can contact us to add them; essential requirement is that the garden be open to the public (at least by appointment).


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