If you had sold your soul to big corp. during the last few decades with the money you have earned (or inherited) you can now buy it back. How? Just browse the internet and look for an old VW T2 Kombi, then go glamping somewhere like Ibiza, Bali, or Goa and you will find yourself surrounded with people just like you: ¬†chastened consumer, now wannabee hippy with a taste for luxury. ¬†Forget about following Siddhartha’s path, it’s all about the style, or, the lifestyle if you prefer: an over-indulgent looking for the next “hip” thing to do, covered with some “shanti-shanti” philosophy, lots of meditations retreats, festival attendances (Coachella, anyone?), garnished with a fake carelessness on look, while it’s all about the brand, right? from the never-heard-before name $400 custom made sunglasses frame, to Birkenstock shoes, to those Lululemon $120 yoga pants, not to mention the must have Stella McCartney $1,800 chain trim handbag (but it’s cruelty free!), and the annual subscription to Kinkfolk and Monocle.

Somehow I now respect more UES people, at least they are honest to themselves, rather than these folks judging you with the same harsh disgust of the “I’m rich, you’re poor” crowd, if you don’t have the latest (RED) iPhone.


Happy Hippy indeed! Restaurants range vary from lousily vegetarian to strictly vegan.


It is all about the tatoos darling.




Flower Power
It is so cool being cool, you know…
Fringes, anyone?
Sahari and turban are the best combo, like, ever.
Pebbles and heels.
Poshy magazine about hippies.
And if you want to go pro, you can even dress up as one of them!
Tatoos and fashion
Even the PACHA il now following the trend.

Any thoughts?

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