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So, let’s talk about men with skirts. Apparently the only ones allowed to do such a thing are Scottish Highlands fellas, with their rear quilted kilts, often  tailored and worn without underwear, as the tradition of a “true Scotsman” commands. But the greedy hands of fashion lately have grabbed this great piece of design forcing it in something that just the bravest chapsurl-3 can wear. First came Comme des Garçons with its Japanese designer both clueless about how a Eastern man would feel about wearing a, well, skirt, but also confident on that kind of ornament because accustomed of men wearing “froks”. And then came Marc Jacobs, fashion enfant terrible, Anna Wintour‘s protégé, and his very cool and naif way of wearing what is an actual everyday garment (at least it was at the beginning of its story).

Personally I believe that skirts/kilts are incredibly sexy on a man and I strongly support the cause. Amen.



Marc Jacobs Wearing A Dress url-1 url-2

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