Met Gala 2015 – The worst

Yes, this time of the year is finally come, the time where we all are so looking forward to spend every single acid comment —that our minds is able to think— on this very juicy parade where everything is debatable, even the notion of what could be considered good taste and appropriate.

This year’s theme is China: Through the Looking Glass so let’s see who really got it.

Solange in Giles. Is that a huge Compact Disc?


robert-pattinson-fka-twigs_Christopher Kane
Fka you’ve got good taste in men but as for dress… that is a cubist’s worst nightmare!


stella-cara Delevingne
Stella & Cara’s this year dress code is “I’m rich – I’m starving – heroin-chic revival”


Beyonce, ehm, if the theme is “China through looking the glass” doesn’t mean we have literally to look through your dress


Is Donatella back on coke? Jennifer Lopez in Versace Atelier


custom H&M _Phillip Treacy headpiece
When you take away a pair of Manolo from SJP, she clearly doesn’t think straight. Looks like a giant wok exploded on her head. SJP on custom H&M and Phillip Treacy headpiece


According to her look she must have seen a Madonna while being dressed by a tailor from the back of a drugstore in Chinatown


zoe-kravitz_Alexander Wang
Zoe, will your very stylish parents be proud? Meh… Zoe Kravitz in Alexander Wang.


Ladies & Gentlemen “Wednesday & Wednesday” from The Addams Family! a.k.a. The Olsen twins in John Galliano


And we were Forgetting Morticia (see above). Cher in Marc Jacobs


Lady Gaga in Balenciaga. Wonderful


Anna, have you gotten two parrots on your shoulders? oh, no it’s Chanel. Does Karl know?



joan-smalls_Roberto Cavalli
Joan, don’t even know where to start…


Lorde, you’ve got bad skin, culotte de chevals and you don’t care. You are one of us! LOVE YOU.


Porn Stars At The AVN Porn Awards VS Influential Celebrities At The MET Gala


Kris Jenner in Balmain
Kris Jenner in Balmain. Is she trying to winning over the shock of her marriage pulling out this look?

Any thoughts?

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