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PhD in Archaeology and a Master in Marketing. First job: editor for the luxury art publishing house Franco Maria Ricci. First big moving alone: to France during Erasmus – Paris, Lyon, Saint-Etienne. First big moving on a couple: New York for four years … and now? I do PR and Marketing for a luxury company, my husband lives in Bali, I covet a cat that I can’t have as I’m always on the move and – in my rare spare time – I still study…. Oh, I have this thing for chocolate and flamingos!

Do you remember a special gift you received when you were a child? Yes, I remember when my father gave me my first schoolbag, it was a pink patent leather amazing schoolbag!What’s the most beautiful holiday you had when you were a child? With my parents and cousins in Stintino (Sardinia), Summer of 1984, 1985, and 1986: the best time of mi childhood.What was your favorite toy? Unfortunately I have to say a Barbie…

Were you good at school? Yes, I’ve always loved studying! Were you neat or messy? Very neat, in my pencil case my crayons were organized on a chromatic scale! Were you lively or thoughtful? Lively! I always fought with my cousins! What did you use to draw? Mostly ballerinas… What did you want to become in the future? A ballerina or a chef but then, when I was still very little, I grew this passion for archaeology.

What was your favorite item of clothing, the one you always wanted to wear? A pink faux-fur coat with printed red roses. Did you prefer cowboys or Indians? Neither of the two.Which was the worst  prank you played or suffered? I was kind of lucky, I’ve never been the victim of a prank or bullies! What was  your recurring whim? Becoming rich and moving abroad! I swear!

How did you first graze your knee? At a playground during my second year at a kindergarden, I graze my knee and I cut my forehead very deeply, I still have a visible scar.What was the food you used to hate most? Salad. I started eating salad at 18. And still it doesn’t quite get me…

What’s the first lie you told? I was something about this Hello Kitty thing, I really really really wanted it as my parents only gave me toys on Christmas, so I stole the money from my grand-mother’s purse and bought it myself. I was 8. Do you remember a dirty word you used to say? I said my very first dirty word when I was 17. Hard to believe but true. If you could go back in time when you were a child, what “modern” game would you like to have fun with? NONE OF THEM. I like my childhood as analogic as it was.

What ‘s the game you play (would like to play) with your son? Well, I don’t have son but I guess I’d like to play that game while driving where you have to guess the province of the car, based on the abbreviation on the plate. In Italy is quite tricky!. What movie or cartoon would you like to see (have seen) with your son? «Fantasia» and «Where the wild things are».Which book did you give him (would you like to give to him)? Aesop’s Fairytales. Which item would you like to leave to your child? All my books.

In your opinion, what ‘s missing today in the world of children? The ability to stay calm, focus, enjoy moments of laziness, taste the act of doing nothing. We are living in a society that promotes schizophrenia. I would teach my son how to enjoy the pleasure of the calm, because thanks to them you can build your inner self. Do you have a project for the little ones in mind or have you already carried out one for them? Not really. My focus is more on women and how to help them understand that “feminism” is a great word and nothing to be ashamed of.

Concept and words by Margherita Pincioni









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