*National Eating disorder awareness

The National Eating Disorder Awareness actually has been last week but we’d like to talk about it anyway because it’s such a big deal to us that it doesn’t matter when we do.

Well, were to start?

Let’s start with us, actually with me, to be more precise.

I suffered from bulimia for almost a decade during my late teenagehood and late ’20s. It has been hard and it has effected my choices in life so deeply that I would be a completely different human being if I haven’t had to deal with it for such a long period of time.

It’s a complicated matter — the whole eating disorder thing — and I’d just like to say that it’s not about food. It may sound extravagant but it isn’t, really. In a way it’s like sex: everything is about sex, but sex. So are bulimia/anorexia. It’s a symptom of a far more complex situation than “just” your personal relationship with food.

Obviously the idea of “the right body” that a woman should have, perpetrated by all the media system, doesn’t help at all, but I consider them guilty on a different level than the primary cause for eating disorders. They are responsible for not supporting women and their sacred right to be and appear as they pleased, so they are a tool in the hand of the society (still run by men) to make women feeling “not right”, but I can’t say that my being bulimic was affected by how a model looked in the magazines. I was – and still are – offended and outraged but not effected (about this just read the latest news about the Danish magazine “Cover”.)

It took me a long and painful while before recognising-accepting-working on my personal situation, my personal illness, that has also effected my entire family, friends, and partners.

It has been a process – painful, very long, scary – but a successful one, that made me who I am today. I never really talk about what I’ve bee through with anyone, not even my husband, as I think that the only people who really can get it are those who’ve been there as well.

Yesterday night, while browsing the world wide web I came across this great project by Jessie Kahnweiler, a young filmmaker and comedian that is working on “The Skinny” a dark comedy serie about her ten years relationship with bulimia and, well, I immediately take out my credit card and supported her work via Kickstarter. First of all because I love this kind of indie projects, second because she’s a woman (and I support the idea of women’s empowerment through mutual support), and  – more importantly – because none has had this brilliant idea before. As she says you can find everything on TV: sex, violence, addictions, porn but nothing that address the topic in this intelligent way (or address the topic at all if not when someone dies). Because you’ve got to be a step ahead to make something like it. Even the promo is hilarious. And, trust me, it his very hard to make your relationship with your addiction – that can bring you straight to the coffin – a smart/interesting-helpful-for-others one.

To be honest I can’t wait for the project to be released. And also I hope she’s not going to sue me because I haven’t ask the permission to use the pictures I am posting now…



Any thoughts?

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