Sometimes you just need a pause.

It’s not really Springtime yet, but there’s something in the air. When it’s Saturday, the sun it’s shiny there’s a part of you still feeling excited like a teenager with the prospective of a whole week-end off.

And, for who may wonder, YES I was empty handed as many of you with the Marni for H&M affair.  For all of you out there – drop dead bitches – I hope you’ll gain so much weight the blue dotted 60’s look tailleur will never ever fit you again.  Beside this “tiny” annoyance the week-end brought me the wonderful gift ever: see not just one but two unseen for a long period of time-couple of friends.  And not just anywhere but at a bar that I can -reductively- call cozy, that one of them just opened.  The atmosphere, the details, the dishes, the coffee cups, the tiny vintage clothing corner was just perfect.  Perfect for those who need a certain kind of feeling in their life. For those who need not too feel there’re in Milan but in a cosmopolitan city by change called Milan.  Yes, a Pause, sometimes, is just what you need.

Any thoughts?

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