The first one

So, this is the very first post in English.

To all my worldwide English-speaker friends, please, be kind with me for all the mistakes I’m going to do.  Despite my love for studiyng, reading, listening and so on there are still things that I’m unable to use correctly. But you all, out there, point out every single oversight, misunderstanding, incorrect pun I may make.  I have to confess that I learned English, well, American English (yes, there are big differences between UK and US English, let’s be honest) only when I moved to New York; till then I was an happy “just”-French-speaker.  It took me a little while before being able to actually speak, about six months, during that interregnum I’ve been blushing every single time a clerk was asking if needed something or a waiter if I wanted more coffee, stuttering every single word.  But at the end that moment, THAT moment arrived:  when the words came out of my mouth without thinking, automatically and it was magic. I was going up and down Manhattan trying to find fences – yes, fences – for my very wild and smashed backyard but apparently the so-called very helpful customer care desk at Home Depot were all trying to drive me crazy, sending me here and there by chance. So after my third stop at the Third Avenue store, when the clerk assured me that in that particular branch in Queens (!!!) there were actually fences available out of season (then I learned that fences are actually a seasonal product!) I suspiciously looked at the man and abruptly asked:”For sure or for maybe?”  I know, I know it’s not a very memorable scene but at the time it looked like I had achieved the top of the understanding-and-speaking-right-away slippery and tricky hill.  And that was my first achievement.  After a bit of time I was sure that my mastering a third language had improved when I was able to deal with customer care (of any kind) by phone.  But that’s another story.

3 Replies to “The first one”

  1. Fences are a “seasonal” product?? Well, you learn something new every day! I like “tricky hill”: we “don’t” say that but it’s cute. We DO say “slippery slope” however… keep it up!

  2. Very nice style. The imperfections make it even more appealing to my reader’s eye. Wouldn’t actually fix a comma.

    Love “for sure or for maybe”… I might actually steal it and make it mine.

    x A.

  3. I agree with HBW and Mariana… your English, with all its endearing ‘imperfections’, is charming and so fluent, Mircea. I dream of learning a second language, maybe even a third, but to-date have done nothing about it. Your success may provide the inspiration I need!

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